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The mechanics of two manufacturing management methodologies:

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About the Trainer – Hormoz Mogarei

Michel BaudinSince 1990, Hormoz has been driving Lean implementation and management at a Tier 1 supplier to a Toyota-GM joint venture (NUMMI), as well as consulting for major corporations and speaking at institutions like Stanford University or Cal Poly, and conferences organized by APICS and SME. He has directly run assembly and injection molding operations, organized and personally conducted the Lean manufacturing training of a multicultural work force, and taken charge of maintenance and environmental issues.

He has developed and delivered courses on Lean tools such as kanbans, poka-yoke, analytical problem solving and Kaizen project implementation, as well as  general management issues like communication, time management, leadership and team building. Hormoz acquired his unique mix of technical and managerial skills through training by the Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC) in Kentucky, NUMMI in California, and Toyota in Japan. By education, Hormoz is both a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA.

Beyond 6 sigma:

Manufacturing 1,040,803 Door Panels in 13 consecutive months with Zero Defects!

Zero defects (ZD) has been a philosophy for a few decades now, so that it is more of a cliché than a viable application! Many organizations have artificially gotten away from calculating percentage of their defects and have turned to monitoring their Defective Parts Per Million (DPPM), only to show the same poor quality in DPPMs what they would otherwise show in percentages! One company however did achieve the Zero DPPM…

A Toyota supplier in Northern California, recently achieved a DPPM=Zero by controlling variability via a few Toyota management concepts such as Change-Point-Management and making the Manufacturing/Assembly operators responsible for the quality of their parts by giving them ownership of their respective processes… That was through Ji Kotei Kanketsu (JKK), which Toyota translates as Quality built-in with ownership.

Change-Point-Management & JKK are two simple yet effective methodologies that once learned and successfully applied, can produce staggering results such as Injection Molding, Painting, Assembling, Packing and Shipping 1,040,803 Door Panels without a single defect at the customer site, over a period of 13 consecutive months, in other words DPPM=Zero!

At this Webinar, you will learn the mechanics of these two management methodologies:

  1. Change-Point-Management
  2. Quality built-in with Ownership (JKK)

You will see how this Toyota supplier in California successfully implemented these management aspects of Toyota Production System (TPS), in a unionized environment and among a low-tech but highly trained group of operators. This Webinar is based on an actual presentation to other first tier Toyota suppliers so they could learn from this magnificent accomplishment of Zero DPPM. •